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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rabbits, Tiffin, Valentines and haircuts

Happy Valentines day folks!

Today's post will be short since I only really have four minutes to write it. I'll just kind of give a rundown of what's going on. Yesterday I got paid! (yay!) so this morning I went to deposit the check. Once that clears I'll be able to get my Tiffin box! Tiffin, apparently, is a kind of holdover from English influence in India. It's lunch, from what I gather. So a Tiffin box is actually a lunch box, but cooler.

Also the bunnies arrived yesterday so Susans' gift is safely in my hands! That's what the pictures about. BTW, the rabbits are fair trade made in Thailand and 100% cotton.

I've also decided that I need to start eating more home cooked meals because I'm going to wind up fat and poor if I don't.

So I found a weekly meal planner template for excel that I'm planning on using to go shopping and buy the necessary ingredients ahead of time and on the weekend when I have time! But right now I need to go pick up my dad because he lent me his car so I could go on some errands.

I talked to the mechanic and it seems that my beautiful Jeep will be out of the shop sometime next week (I hope). whenever it comes out, you can bet that I'll have a picture to share with y'all.

Hope everyone has a great valentines day and weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Work, Pizza, Studies and Money

So I am now delving into my third (I think) week of work. The more I learn about it the more interesting it sounds. Interestingly enough, the current Dilbert comic strip is all about working in Collections. Maybe it's just my "new worker" Naivety but it really seems like it'll be interesting work. The pay isn't too bad, the advancement prospects are reasonable and the people I work with are great. It really makes me wonder what would make people feel remotely bad about it. I guess I'll find out once I hit the floor and start making calls.

Last night I made another pizza. It was really good but I really made it to share. What I didn't really count on was having it disappear within two minutes of "unveiling" it. I guess it really must have been pretty decent as I've already been "strongly suggested" to bring in another one. Next on my to do list, however, is peanut butter cookies.

I've also begun studying for my comprehensive exams in March and April. Kind of a bummer and I don't really have anything to study with, but I hope that I'll at least pick up whatever I need to know from our study sessions. I was supposed to take in an analysis of a printed ad, but I'm just to tired and I forgot to do it when I could have.

As for money, I'll be getting a paycheck on Friday, for which I am incredibly grateful. I probably should have administered my money a little better but this month I only had about $100 to live off of for two weeks. You do the math. So I'll get paid on Friday just in time for Valentines Day and also a local store will be stocking iTunes Store prepaid cards on Saturday so I'll be able to afford one!!

So that's pretty much what's going on in my life. Leave me a holler and let me know what's up with y'all!!