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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh the ribs, the ribs!

In Latin America, as well as many other Catholic-influenced countries, Easter is celebrated with Holy Week. This is an entire week when everything stops and people do one of two things. Either they go to religious processions and participate in the joy of it all or they get hell out of Dodge and spend a few days away with friends or family. The most popular location is the beach, which is what took us to the Lake.

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake in Solola. Here's a picture for you to see what I'm talking about:

Lake Atitlan - Seth Mariscal
I bought a rack of spare ribs and had brined them and cleaned them and lovingly carried them to the place of their demise. And then it happened. I had prepared a dry rub that I have used before, sprinkled it on and put it on the fire. It never occured to me that something could go wrong! It was so simple.

When it came time to try the ribs I almost cried (and may have if the saltiness of the ribs hadn't sucked every drop of moisture out of my body). Such a shame that a beautiful cut of meat so go to such a waste! Fortunately my wife and friends were good sports about it and we cut off the crust and the meat was juicy and tender and quite delicious. Though not as much as I had hoped.

On the upside, we did have a great time, the baked potatoes were great and smokey and I got to use my new charcoal chimney.

Charcoal Chimney - Elba Mazariegos