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Friday, September 3, 2010

Life changing events

This has been an amazing year. It's hard to say one thing that has stuck out from the rest. It's had its ups and downs bit overall I'd say that it's been very good.

Work has been great, the new house is very nice and my fiancée is a great girl. The best.

It's on sleepless night like this one where your kind of start to think about how life is changing. In a couple months I will be cohabiting. No longer will my mess be mine alone to deal with!

Recently I've been picking up some pretty basic cooking tips that have proven to be quite effective though I haven't been able to go all out since I don't have a real stove, oven or fridge. There's no furniture nor anywhere to put most things.

Soon that will change, though, and a great amount of culinary experimentaion will begin!

Well, I will continue my feeble attempts at sleep! I leave you with a picture of me and my ossobucco (great stuff!).

- Seth Mariscal, enjoying life since 1982.