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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Del puente and other experiments

Wow so that's frustrating. I was almost done writing this post when it got erased. Yeah, not happy. So, I will now try to remember everything I had written.

My wife likes to eat out. I LOVE eating out. It's better than going to the movies which, for me, is quite a statement. So when we finally sat down to figure out where all our money was going we came to the shocking (or maybe not so shocking) conclusion that we were spending an inordinate amount on food. That was when we decided to change our habits and stopped eating out as often and, even more important, as expensive.

But once we were caught up on credit cards and bills we decided it was time. So on Sunday we went to "Enchanté", a delightful little French restaurant. It has a balcony hanging over this impressive cliff and it's green just about as far as you can see. We got a complimentary glass of an australian zinfandale which was quite refreshing. My wife had the steak with French fries which, though not very evenly cooked, was delicious and was accompanied with a mushroom sauce and some very good French fries (I must admit to having tried a bit of everything).

I had the mussels in a white wine sauce with red onion and, I believe, cilantro. They were quite phenomenal. I had waited a long time to eat mussels and this was well worth the wait. The bill was a little overinflated, I felt, but overall I did enjoy the meal. On our way out the door they showed us in to a little gourmet store they had in the restaurant where the special offer of the day was 2x1 on an $80 bottle of EVOO. not quite having recovered from the check I thought we might pass on that offer.

 So then on Friday we went to Cook & Relax to our cooking class for some Italian cooking. We made one pasta with pumpkin and anchovy, one with pimentos and one with a white sauce and asparagus along with garlic bread. It all came together well (and better with a couple glasses of wine) and a good time was had by all.

Then on Saturday we decided to try a burger join that was in the same area as Enchanté called Del puente. Here's my with the sign:

I have occasionally been accused of hyperbolizing but this was quite certainly delectable. The meat is 100% angus beef with a special mojo made by them and sold in the store along with several cuts of beef and anything on the menu. They have several freezers full of their own stuff which I think I just may take advantage of before too long.

So that was my week in food and I'm planning to hit up that burger joint again soon since the meal total for both of us came to Q58 or about $7.50 and was quite outstanding.

Have you eaten anything interesting lately? Let me hear about it!


  1. Those of us who work in downtown Portland are so spoiled! We have these food carts throughout the city, and they're amazing. Just in the one block across the street from my office there are around 50 different carts, with all different kinds of food - Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, Cuban, Mexican, Ethiopian, Indian, German, Polish, Bosnian, Greek, British style fish and chips (choose from cod, haddock, snapper, halibut or mahi mahi) and plenty of classic American food too like hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork, and barbecued ribs.

    Across the street there are a few more in the next block.

    Four blocks in the opposite direction there's more, including gourmet pizza, jambalaya and crab cakes, authentic Japanese ramen, a Czech cart with something called a Schnitzelwich (choose from pork or chicken), and a cart that will sell you what they call the "I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER" which is a hamburger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Two more blocks past that, there are a few more carts with additional options including Italian pasta and northern Thai (which is very different from what all the other Thai carts have, and there are a LOT of Thai carts). And there are more, scattered throughout the city.


  2. Let me think......yes :( But it's OK, Guatemala is flourishing foodwise, a lot of great things going on and eating out is not that expensive (well, to my wallet because it is certainly taking it's toll on my figure!)