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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two weeks in Food

So, I must admit that I've been eating out quite a bit lately. The place I've probably hit most often has been Café Saúl. Now this place has a lot going for it in a bunch of different ways but lately the freshness of the food has been outstanding. I mean, just look at this tomato and basil Crêpe:

Or this Bruscetta:

But I'm generally inclined more towards the sandwiches, this one being my favorite. a Steak Club Sandwich.

But when we go to Casa Saúl in Z. 10, which I believe is the only one that's left serving pastas and pizzas, I feel fairly compelled to order something that I can't get at the other Café's so I went with the Pasta Amatricciana. It may have spurred from the memory of a conversation I had with Vito where he was telling me about a great little place where he had some.

And no visit would be complete without a couple of delicious desserts! Now, I should mention that I'm not really much of a dessert person but this time I caved to some truly evil chocolaty excess called, quite appropriately, Death by Chocolate:

While my wife went for a little chocolate mousse. It usually brings more chocolate but she always asks that they flip the proportions so she doesn't get sick of eating chocolate. What can I say, we're not big on sweet.

So after having that kind of eating going on, I felt compelled to have myself a light little breakfast and, for the first time in ages, I had a poached egg on toast with some home-made strawberry jam.

On a side note my wife went to get some work done (on her hair.....relaaaaaax) and I wound up waiting for a while when along came this little guy who decided we should just chill out for a while.

So moving on with our culinary we found ourselves circling back to Frisco Grill. Come to think of it, we've been revisiting quite a bit lately. Well, I guess you have to if you're going to try the different things that any one place has to offer! So here's the San Francisco Blossoming Onion with a slightly tangy chipotle sauce. I've had some pretty good dishes there but this is a great appetizer.

And to wash it down I needed something cold and in keeping with the mood of the places I wanted something classic. Like maybe an Old Fashioned Chocolate Shake?

Yes, it was a big slurp and gulp of chocolate goodness! But of course I couldn't leave good enough alone, could I? So while Susan went with this delicious combo dish of shrimp and Calamari

I decided I would go with something fancy. A few months ago I tried the sesame crusted seared tuna steak at Nais. I didn't write about it? Well, that's partially because it was so blah that I just about erased it from my memory with great hopes of it never returning. That and the fact that I hadn't picked up the blog again yet at that point! But this was a beautiful looking piece of tuna! I think if I'd of had it any other way it would have been awesome but here it was just too bland and under seasoned. I'm sorry to say, I can't recommend for people who like bold flavors but a good light option.

So while I can't blame the ingredients, the preparation just wasn't quite there. Margherita, on the other hand, was spot on. Well, at least in my opinion. You see, I went with some friends from work. Gabby was so into her salad I couldn't even understand the concept. But I guess you salad lovers out there might enjoy this.

My friend Hugo, on the other hand, I'm going to guess is not such a salad lover because when his showed up, well, let's just say he was underwhelmed. We could tell from the look on his face This was not going down well. Gabby did try it and declared it goo-ooo-ood so here it is. Maybe one of you leafy lovers out there can help me make a call on this?

It looked quite well composed and pretty but I'm not into salad and, shockingly, not crazy about cheese. So while Hugo was choking down his plate of green goodness Charlie and I started into our cherry tomato and Arugula pizza. I was digging the great balance of flavors. The slightly bitter greens balanced the sweet reds joining together in a beautiful harmony of flavors that I was very happy with!

So feeling a little sorry for Hugo and his bowl of rabbit food we convinced him to just send it back and get a pizza instead. Flipping the bird to his diet he went for it. After picking up the menu for a whole two seconds he pointed to something fairly random and said we should go for that one. So we're pretty adventurous when it comes to food so we went for it. Personally I loved the other one but I think the Capricciosa might work a little better for the traditionalist taste buds. With oven baked ham and Artichoke hearts this pizza really went over well with the group. Of course, the 900º brick oven doesn't hurt either.

Bottom line? Café Saúl now has some amazing fresh ingredients, try the Frisco Grill San Fran Blossoming Onion and Margherita pizza is amazing!

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